Another Successful School Year

Cindy Batres on November 25, 2018


CONGRATULATIONS to all the sponsored students who successfully completed another school year in Guatemala.  The school years runs from January to October, so the kids are now on school break, but it is a busy time for us missionaries as we attend graduation ceremonies, gather information on new student applicants, have a big meeting with all the students and their families to discuss next year, take measurements for uniforms and shoes.  Then we begin to buy or order all the uniform pieces and shoes so that in the first days of January we can distribute them, along with backpacks full of school supplies. 



I, Cindy, had the privilege of attending all the graduations for kindergarten, sixth grade, ninth grade and high school.  At each ceremony, there is an honor guard composed of the students ranking at the top of their prospective classes.  One success story that thrilled my heart this year is the story of Fredy Omar. Fredy was newly sponsored last year as a sixth grader, coming from 5 years in a poorer public school that provided a less-than-desirable education.  Fredy and his family wanted a better education for Fredy and solicited a sponsorship for Fredy.  He left the home of his mother and father and moved into the home of his married sister and her family so he could be close enough to walk to the Christian school each day. I was worried that the more challenging education of the Christian school would be too difficult, that maybe there would be too large of an educational gap that would cause Fredy to fail. On the contrary, Fredy was in the honor guard at his graduation- top of his class! When I congratulated him and told him how proud I was of him and how I had been concerned about the difference between the two schools, Fredy smiled his beautiful smile, touched his heart, and said, “It is all about what is in here.”  WOW!!


THANK-YOU TO ALL OUR WONDERFUL SPONSORS for making success stories like Fredy’s possible. Not every story is that glorious, but we know that you are making a difference in the lives of these precious kids as they receive the best education around, and as they hear the truths of the gospel every day at the Christian school. 


We hope you have enjoyed a Blessed Thanksgiving celebration.  We are certainly very thankful for YOU!

Cindy and Manny Batres